The New Fabletics Mother-Daughter Fitness Bundles Make Your Mini-Me a Reality

In the midst of a worldwide lock down, at-home workouts have become the epitome of identifying a well-spent quarantine.
From morning TV shows, dedicated to toned women joyfully yelling commands, to famous faces producing lengthy Instagram Lives in luxurious homes – we can’t escape the fitness pandemic. Still, you would be lying if this swift lifestyle change hasn’t inspired you to break into a sweat, even just a little bit. And you aren’t alone.

Sportswear sales have boomed in recent weeks, as we all settle into our housebound lives. For those of us who don’t have the pleasure of ‘small people’ company, it is a lot easier to persevere with Joe Wicks and his daily enthusiasm in YouTube routines. Yet the reality for most, is that kids bursting with energy can’t help but remind you of their existence. A quick fix? Get your kids involved and tire them out, whilst you get to focus on your fitness regime. And what better way to do it than literally twinning with you mini-me.
If you haven’t already heard of Fabletics, they are a membership fitness clothing brand that have garnered a large fan base due to their ability to make exercise fashionable. Recent famous fans have included the likes of Eva Longoria and Demi Lovato, fellow quarantine workout enthusiasts. As much as we may never look as effortless as Longoria, casually balancing on her head, this collection does offer a fun way to get kids involved in your daily routine. Ginger Ressler, the brand’s Chief Performance Officer, says the capsule collection was inspired by her daughter Gia. “I love how much joy this collection sparks, which is more important now than ever,” says Ressler.
The campaign message is to empower women of all ages. A message that is mirrored in their charitable contribution. An admirable 100% of profits made from the collection goes straight to Blessings in a Backpack’s COVID-19 Program, providing meals to less fortunate children. If this isn’t enough to entice you, their bold range of prints and sweet matchy-matchy outfits should.
The eye-catching styles of Fabletics leggings, that made them so popular, are now available in sizes for toddlers and kids. T-shirts with inspiring messages, floral biker shorts and bright pink leopard print will ensure you and your small person look like an adorable team. Whether that be for a mother-daughter Instagram photo-shoot or to actually carry out living room aerobics. The 4-Piece Bundles are in high-demand, so be sure to check them out and get your hands on a set while you still can.

Grab this opportunity to twin with your kids before they are too cool to be seen with you!

By Rachel Douglass