The Rolling Stones to Open Flagship Store In London

The Rolling Stones are to open their first flagship store, “RS No 9” onLondon’s Carnaby Street on Wednesday 9 th September 2020featuring exclusive new Rolling Stones fashion and merchandise.

The shop, which is created in partnership with Bravado, UniversalMusic Group’s merchandise and brand management company, will be located at 9 Carnaby Street and will have the band’s colours of red and black, alongside glass floors featuring lyrics, and fitting rooms decorated with iconic album artwork.

The collections will include new fashion and merchandise under the‘RS No. 9 Carnaby’ brand, for men’s, women’s, and children’sfashion and accessories. Also, there will be raincoats and hats fromthe premium Swedish raincoat brand Stutterheim, chairs and scarvesfrom The Soloist, and a special glassware collection developed withBaccarat engraved with the Rolling Stones tongue.

Commenting ahead of the store opening, The Rolling Stones said ina statement: “Soho has always encapsulated Rock ’n’ Roll soCarnaby Street was the perfect spot for our own store. We areconfident this exciting project that our friends at Bravado havecreated will be an unrivalled experience for everyone to come toLondon and enjoy.”

Mat Vlasic, chief executive of Bravado, added: “With this innovativepartnership, the Rolling Stones add yet another cultural touchpoint totheir rich legacy. RS No. 9 Carnaby is the result of years of planningand decades of building one of the world's most recognised brands.“It creates a destination where fans can connect and immersethemselves in the music, style and spirit of one of the world's mosticonic and beloved bands.”

The store will also introduce Stones Red, the official Pantone colourused for the band’s iconic logo and the store’s windows will feature aworld-first soundwave installation taken from the opening to the 1966anthem ‘Paint It Black’.Samantha Bain-Mollison, director of retail at Shaftesbury added: “Weare delighted that the Rolling Stones have chosen Carnaby to open
their global first store. The band has such amazing heritage in theCarnaby and Soho area, and will enhance the existing brand line upon the street by offering a real unique experience alongside premiumfashion collections.”The Rolling Stones’ expansive reissue of Goats Head Soup will bereleased ahead of the store opening, on Friday 4 th September.

By Maria Peftouloglou