The Vampires Wife x H&M

Over the years, H&M has presented us with some pretty iconic collaborations. Matthew Williamson, Erdem, Lanvin and Balmain (to name but a few) have all created stunning collaborations with the high street brand, that are notorious for selling out in seconds.

Today marks the release of the collaboration with The Vampires Wife. The British cult brand has been described as ‘English in attitude, American in style, but with a dark European soul’; sounds like a pretty perfect combination for autumn/winter wear does it not? The brand is revered by Royals and celebrities alike, counting The Duchess of Cambridge, Alexa Chung and Jennifer Anniston amongst its fans.

The label is famed for a modest, Victoriana style with a quirky, gothic edge. It was founded in 2014 by Susie Cave who, when interviews about the collection, gave a dreamy description of how she saw her brand;

“There is a bit of Goya, some Russian ballet, a bit of Blanche Dubois. There is a prairie element, demure and utilitarian but also unabashedly sexy. They are designed to elongate the body like an El Greco and float like Victorian spirit photography. They invoke the ghosts of mermaids and air fairies and you can wear them with flip-flops and heels or no shoes at all. The spirit of The Vampire’s Wife is simply a love of beauty, beauty as seen through a chaos of influences!”

If that doesn’t inspire you to only dress in romantic, black lace dresses from now on then I don’t know what will.

One would expect to spend £500 for the original dresses, while H&M is offering them for less than £50. With this in mind, it would be unsurprising if even as you read this, they are being snapped up by the savviest shoppers. If this is the case, worry not! There is much to be inspired by within the collection and happily these styles are popping up more and more across all wide range of brands. Look out for peter pan collars, puff sleeves and capes. One of the most iconic pieces from the collection is a pair of lace fingerless gloves, this style can be found anywhere and will effortlessly add that coveted vampish look to any outfit.

By Sophie Easton