To Bronze or to Blush? How to Adapt Your Base Make Up for Summer

Summer is the time to have fun with your make up. As the days get longer and there are golden hours galore, immaculate but playful make up is the ultimate accessory. While for some this may be a bright graphic eyeliner look, for others a simple slick of peachy gloss will work just as well.
No matter how you choose to celebrate the sunnier days with your make up, a glowing, dewy and radiant base is an essential starting point.

For many of us, warmer days will often result in flushed, oilier skin and as much as we all love a rosy and dewy complexion, there is a definitely a limit. The following tips will show you how to adapt your usual make-up routine to achieve fresh-looking skin for summer.

Prepping your skin Before applying any make up, consider choosing a lighter moisturiser so that your base does not then proceed to slide around your face. And, whether your are planning to spend time in the sun or not, always apply an SPF, giving this a little time to sink in before moving onto the next stage.

Beautiful Base Summer = much more time spent in natural light. As a result you want to avoid cakey-looking foundation more than ever. For skin to actually look real and natural, apply your foundation lightly and choose a creamier, more substantial concealer, carefully blended of course, in areas that may need more attention.

Bronze and Blush The secret to a natural looking summer complexion is to use both bronzer and blusher to mimic the more flattering effects of the sun. Instead of only using your bronzer to sculpt under your cheekbones, lightly brush it across your temples and the tops of your cheeks and nose (where the sun would naturally hit). When it comes to blush, do not be deterred by the frightening effects of over application, porcelain doll style. To find your perfect shade, lightly pinch your cheek and try to match that same colour. Apply this shade to the bridge of your nose and sweep it across the apples of your cheeks for the freshest look.

Other sunny additions could include faux freckles sporadically applied with a soft brown pencil. Or perhaps a cream or liquid (instead of powder!) highlighter across the very tops of your cheek bones. The most important piece of advice here is that less always looks like more when it comes to summer skin.

By Sophie Easton