Two sisters, one brand: Rodarte (wear it for Halloween)

February; New York is in a candle light mood.
In St. Bartholomew’s Church on Park Avenue, Rodarte presented the RTW Fall 2020 collection: a hymn to gothic times, romantic but dark, with a scent of the Mexican tradition “Los dias de los muertos”, made of flowers and colours instead of only gloomy faces, ashes and veils.

Female vampires rode the runways: lace gowns, black, white, dotted dresses, crystal spiders and webs, floral crowns on the head. Soon the atmosphere warmed up.In November, as every year, the Mexicans bring chocolate, coffee and amaranth walking down their aisles, as the models did, bringing the offers to the deaths, as a secular ritual reminder.
Eight months later, here we are, the February’s collection is now available in store…and Halloween is just behind the corner. A special costume by the Mulleavy sisters is needed for the best night of the year.
As sacred witches of the forest, Kate and Laura Mulleavy grew up in a village near Santa Cruz and closer to a sequoia wood of ancient trees and mysterious creatures. Their father, a mycologist, studies mushrooms. The sisters took inspiration by nature and horror movies for their artworks. “What we love about the world and its beauty is the idea that there are things on earth that are much older and wiser than we are. And they are not human.”
Before designing their first collections, they were simple university pupils, interested in fashion of course, but more keen on art and poetry. Kate graduated in history of art and Laura in literature.The name “Rodarte” came out from the one of their mother before marriage: “Victoria Rodart”. The brand born in 2005 in Los Angeles and was immediately noted by Anna Wintour, director of Vogue US, who wanted to meet the duo. She understood their vision, having a fine experience with talents, and she advised them not to leave L.A. the city of angels and dreams, the reign of Hollywood.
In fact, following Tom Ford’s steps, mixing fashion and art, the sisters entered the world of theatricality, drama and cinema, creating costumes for the Oscar Academy Award-winning film “Black Swan” (2010) and then co-writing and directing “Woodshock” in 2017, guess what, a horror movie, starring Kirsten Dunst.
Coming back to fashion, recently, the two sisters had launched a more sporty line, maybe in honour of our lockdown days, but we do not want to loose our sex appeal, don’t we?

By Alessandra Busacca