What In The World Is Microblading? A Look At AThe Not-So-Secret Eyebrow Ally

Eyebrows; the frames of our face. However, most of us have a rocky relationship with them. We pluck them, we thread them, we try and fail to shave them. We then try and, again, mostly fail at covering up the disasters with a pencil. It’s a tiresome daily routine that leaves us feeling like we should just shave them all off and start again. I certainly have had more than a few words with those unruly pieces of hair, though mine are virtually non-existent.

If you really are sick and tired of fighting with your furry friends, then microblading could be your beauty saviour. Microblading is a semi-permanent treatment to help you achieve perfect brows every single day, without any tedious effort. Over recent years, the technique has become increasingly popular thanks to its ability to deliver full and defined brows – a beauty trend that shows no slowing down. However, I think we can be grateful that the tadpole eyebrows of the early 2000’s are far behind us.
So what actually is microblading?
The process is very specific to each client. Almost like some kind of face architecture. The idea is to get the right eyebrow shape for one individual, so that the end result looks completely natural and suits their face. It’s precision comes from the tool – a blade made up of 12 little needles – that lightly scratches the surface of your skin. These needles insert a specially selected pigment that creates natural-looking ‘hair’ strokes with a realistic finish. Now, this may sound awfully painful and if you are incredibly squeamish about needles, like myself, your toes are likely curling. However, the endless online reviews beg to differ. With the help of a numbing cream, the process is almost painless – compared to that of simply getting your brows threaded. You should expect to pay £300 or more for a reliable brow-tech. It may have a heftier price tag than your typical brow pencil, but the effects last for 12-18 months. That is a whole year without having to fiddle with those pesky troublemakers! You should expect to pay £300 or more for a reliable source.
Are there microblading alternatives?
If the whole architectured, sky-high eyebrow isn’t for you there are similar alternatives that still help you achieve the same effortless look. Microfeathering, for example, is a trademarked technique by celebrity brow artist, Kristie Streicher. Pigment is inserted into tiny incisions in the skin to create an impression of a real eyebrow hair. It’s a high-maintenance job that requires a bit more cash flow, but it’s highly natural results aren’t a force to be reckoned with.

If the Hollywood price tag isn’t exactly your budget and the thought of needles on your face makes your stomach churn, brow lamination has started making social media rounds. And with it’s rise in popularity comes a raise in the eyebrows, literally. The technique molds your eyebrow shape, fixing the hair upwards and leaving you with volumised, feathered eyebrows. It’s a quick fix solution, that won’t break the bank.

By Rachel Douglass