What is Health?

There are many tried-and-tested obvious habits that result in our overall good health. Simply put, we should eat fruits and vegetables, drink plenty of water, do regular exercises, get enough sleep, and all that. But with the changing times also come newer ways to improve our health.

Things to do for the sake of wellness are abundant everywhere. There are a lot of new methods, diets, fads, treatments, medicines – and they are all the more accessible to us. We might be tempted to try one thing, and then another, and then another.

There are many tried-and-tested obvious but are these really beneficial for us in the long run, or are they just merely passing trends?


This has been one of the most popular diet trends in recent years. Simply put, the keto diet excludes many food items from consumption, specifically carbohydrates. This forces the body into a state of ketosis, wherein the body begins breaking down fat in order to use as energy. But this diet has been heavily criticized as being unsustainable and even unhealthy.


This is a health trend that has been making waves worldwide, as it has exhibited significant lifestyle improvements among those who have tried it. Studies have also backed this fasting practice, saying that it has many proven benefits and may even lead to a longer life. It is also quite easy to follow, as it only requires one to commit to periods of daily fasting, usually lasting 14-16 hours.


This has been quite the ‘cool’ trend especially among the Hollywood crowd, and it is a treatment that promises to improve mental and physical health. But what does it entail exactly? You would have to be in a cryotherapy booth for a few minutes, wherein you would be exposed to frigid temperatures. You’d have to do this one supervised, and preferably after a consultation with a health professional.


Another holistic trend is that which centers on crystals and meditation. This might be the one with the least scientific backing on this list, but it has definitely had the support of several celebrities and models such as Miranda Kerr and Victoria Beckham. Crystals are believed to emit some kind of energy or force that your body and mind aligns with. Whether or not this works might just be up to the individual’s mindset. Some popular healing crystals include the quartz, amethyst, and jade.

By Sophie Jocson