Your caffeine beauty fix

Coffee makes the world go round. Isn’t that how the saying goes? At least, that’s how it is for caffeine fiends like myself who cannot go one day without having a good ol’ cup of joe. Have it in however you want, although the true Italian way would be to have one or two (or more!) espressos a day. Coffee is simply essential to our routines, and it comes as no surprise that there is big business surrounding it. Different coffee shops seem to spring up every year, as well as new varieties of packaged coffee. Ultimately, brands such as Starbucks, Lavazza and Costa Coffee are well-renowned and highly profitable.

Worldwide love for caffeine has caused it to be infused into many other food products such as pastries, ice cream, and other dessert items. Seeing as coffee has many health benefits, people have somewhat used these as excuses to drink more of it. Or at least, to actually help them out when it comes to health and beauty.

Coffee has been known to:

  • Fight free radicals with antioxidants
  • Calm inflammation
  • Exfoliate well when used as a scrub
  • Reduce puffy eyes
  • Relieve stress and provide energy

Out of all these good things, we probably appreciate coffee the most for being our go-to alertness boost. It is especially the best wake-up call in the mornings. Our skin can also enjoy this boost through an array of available coffee-infused beauty products.

Some products guaranteed to perk up your skin are the following:

  • Frank Body Original Coffee Scrub
  • Origins Ginzing Energy-Boosting Treatment
  • Lush Cup O’Coffee Face and Body Mask
  • Urban Decay Eyeshadow Primer Potion in “Caffeine”
  • Morphe 35 Color Koffee EyeShadow Palette
  • Tom Ford Private Blend Café Rose Eau de Parfum

By Sophie Jocson